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GCSE Exam Results

GCSE results will be ready for collection from the main hall on

Thursday 20th August between 10.00 and 12.00


Start of the new academic year:

Tuesday 8th September 2015

Please note that the first day back for pupils after the summer is Tuesday 8th September. Only incoming Year 7 pupils need to arrive for the start time of 8.45am.  Year 7 will then have an opportunity to find their feet without the crowds of older pupils overwhelming them immediately.

Next year’s Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 should arrive in time for period 3 (11.21 a.m.).  They may wish to come for 11.06 if they would like to buy a snack in the dining room before going to registration and tutor time.


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Our school is a relatively small 11-16 comprehensive on the outskirts of Stoke-on-Trent, located about half-way between the Potteries and the market town of Leek. Our 700 pupils are representative of the area: some are from rural, farming families and others opt in from the nearby Stoke suburbs. We are a true comprehensive, welcoming pupils from the full ability, social and economic ranges. We are also fully inclusive regarding pupils with physical disabilities, and are very aware that we all benefit from working together.


Endon High is significantly popular with parents who would like their children to enjoy the many positive features of our school. The school is fairly small in size, and for this reason every year large numbers of parents are disappointed in their hopes of a place here.


We have Specialist Status for Mathematics and Computing and therefore pride ourselves on providing an education which uses new technologies to enhance and support our students' learning, and aim to use our specialism to challenge and inspire every student in our school.


Our academic standards are generally high, comparing well with both national and county averages. However, we believe that education is not merely about examination results, and we are committed to a broad and balanced experience generally. We provide a rich range of residential activities, trips and visits, opportunities for performance through concerts and shows, for achievement through sport, and for citizenship through involvement in a wide range of community based and service activities.


We strongly believe that the school is a community which succeeds through partnership between pupils, teachers and parents, and that the strength of our school lies in its staff - teaching and non-teaching - who are true professionals, and (what's more) seem positively to enjoy the company of the young people in our care!


We are proud of our pupils and are delighted to celebrate their successes and good qualities whenever possible: their strengths are the school's strengths.


We hope you enjoy looking at our web-site and finding out more about the work of the School.


Nepal earthquake fund update

Hello all,

Just an update on our school in Nepal. They have re-opened a temporary school through renting 13 rooms in nearby buildings with the money we sent last week. This will cover costs for 3 months. Over 300 children have returned to school. They are delighted by this as so many have left the city and returned to rural areas.
We have also paid for toilets to be constructed for the temporary school and over 150 families to have a month's worth of food and water.
In the meantime, there are six classrooms being constructed next to the hostel on the school site which I understand are being made from bamboo as this is the only material currently being allowed by the Government engineers carrying out the inspections of school sites. Megh Raj plans to run the nursery school from there once the classrooms are constructed.
Megh Raj has also sent plans for six classrooms which appear to be earthquake proof. the costings seem to work out at £13000. Our online fund raising came to nearly £7000 and we have other money coming in so we are a long way towards being able to support this project entirely. That would be amazing.
We are very grateful to the many organisations who have raised money and have sent it to us to be used to re-establish education at Kuleshwor Awas School.
As I have said before, the value that is put on education is immense and the gratitude which is expressed in the messages from Megh Raj and the children for all of the support is overwhelming. In one message he simply said “You are giving us a re-birth.”
Please see photo below sent today as the new school rented rooms opened up. There was so much happiness.

(Please click here to visit the online fundraising page)

Mrs Gibson