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Art Textiles


Choosing Textiles at Key Stage 4

GCSE Textiles allows pupils to work with a range of fabrics, yarns and textures to create interesting and inspiring pieces of work.  This can be very satisfying and rewarding for those pupils who are enthusiastic and keen to improve their creative skills.


Course content

Pupils entering this course will follow a GCSE Textiles Syllabus, which aims to build upon the skills and understanding established by the National Curriculum orders for Art.  The course contains two components and pupils will be expected to complete both the coursework and the examination.


Coursework is 60% of the final mark

Pupils will be required to complete two units of coursework during the two years and will need access to a range of materials at home.

A broad range of techniques will be encouraged from weaving, printing, embroidery, fashion design, felt making and three dimensional textile sculptures. 

Pupils will be expected to demonstrate the following abilities:

  • to work from direct observation and develop research material
  • to explore and control a range of tools and materials
  • to develop and modify their work
  • to investigate the work of artists in order to influence their own work

Interim assessments will take place at the end of each unit of work.  The final coursework assessment mark will take place in Year 11.



Examination is 40% of the final mark

A unit of work will be produced under examination conditions over a fixed period of several hours.  Pupils are expected to work unaided on a theme taking their ideas from preparation studies to a final outcome.  Assessment of this component will take place at the end of the examination in Year 11.


If you would like further details about this course please see Mrs Preece or email: a.preece@endon.staffs.sch.uk


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