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Business Studies

Business Studies is a subject that can help pupils to acquire the understanding, knowledge and skills relevant to the world of Business and Finance.


What will I learn on this GCSE course?


You will be introduced to the world of business and business ownership and you will look at what makes someone a successful business person. You will find out how to market products and services and how to communicate effectively in a business. You will understand how to make a business effective and manage money well. You will also see how the world around us affects small businesses and all the people involved.

Exams for Unit 2 and Unit 3 completed at the end of the course.


Content summary


Unit 1







Market research and data collection
The marketing mix
Marketing in the wider business environment
Enterprise and the entrepreneur
The business plan




Controlled assessment worth 25% of the marks
Marked by teachers and externally moderated
Worth 60 Marks

Unit 2




The structure of business activity
The need for business activity
Business organisations, trading organisations, location and growth
The workforce in business
Employment and retention
Organisation and communication



External examination worth 25% of the marks

1 hour paper
Worth 60 Marks

Unit 3



and the

external environment


Using and managing resources to produce goods and services
Types of production
Management and control of production
Production costs
Financial Information and Decision making

  • Sources of finance
  • Forecasting and analysis

External influence son business activity
The competitive environment
Environmental influences and ethics
Government and the UK economy
Globalisation and  UK business


External examination worth 50% of the marks

1 hour 30 minutes

Worth 90 Marks


There are many opportunities for ICT to be used in support of learning for this course.

What kind of pupil is this course suitable for?

This course will appeal to you if you:

  • Enjoy a challenging subject
  • Can apply knowledge to real world situations
  • Can discuss problems and consider solutions
  • Take an active interest in keeping up with what’s going on in the world of business
  • Appreciate the importance of being a responsible consumer, citizen and employee
  • Are organised, motivated and committed.
  • Want to follow on to study A level Business Studies, Economics, Accounting, Diplomas, NVQs or enter into employment within the world of Business.

What do I need to know or be able to do before taking this course?

Business Studies will be new to all pupils and so no prior knowledge of the subject is assumed or required. What is important is that you have a lively and enquiring mind, an interest in the world of business and enjoy a challenge.

It is heavily theory based and students must be able to work in a fast paced environment. Business Studies is a complex subject and will require 100% commitment as pupils are expected to continue using previously learned concepts and skills to progress through the course.


 What pupils think about this course?


“It is very hard but a challenge”

“You learn a lot about business and it will help if you want to run your own business”

“You learn something different each lesson”

“It is challenging but rewarding”


If you would like further details about this course please see MRS ROWLEY or email: t.rowley@endon.staffs.sch.uk


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