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English Language and Literature


Students will follow GCSE AQA English Language and English Literature. The full specification can be downloaded from www.aqa.org.uk under ‘Qualifications’ and then ‘English ’.  Basic information about the course is below.


The Course


English Language controlled assessment is the focus of Year 10, with an examination in the summer of Year 11.  English Literature then becomes the focus, with two examinations in the summer.




Coursework is known as ‘Controlled Assessment’ and will make up 40% of the course. This will form five pieces of Controlled Assessment for English Language and 1 piece for English Literature.

Controlled Assessment is completed at various stages throughout the year. Tasks are set externally by AQA each April and assessed by the school throughout.

Students may re-sit pieces of Controlled Assessment if they wish to improve their grades. They may only do this once.

Coursework for English Literature is based on a comparison of set texts such as ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen and Macbeth by William Shakespeare.





There is one exam in English Language and two exams in English Literature.


The exam for English Language will focus on Non-Fiction written and analytical skills, as well as creative writing ability.


The exams for English Literature will focus on several poems and texts from the Literary Heritage





Further information can be obtained from MR MOSTON on b.moston@endon.staffs.sch.uk


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