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Media Studies

Students will follow GCSE OCR Media Studies . The full specification can be downloaded from www.ocr.org.uk under ‘Qualifications’ and then ‘Media Studies’.  Basic information about the course is below.





The course allows students to analyse (through essays and questionnaires) ALL aspects of Media. For instance: television, radio, adverts, brochures etc as well as films. There is a lot more to Media Studies than watching films!




  • Coursework accounts for 60% of the course.
  • An individual portfolio based on two media texts and a major “portfolio” on cross media promotion. Candidates must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a minimum of three different media, including one print and one audio-visual-based. Candidates also have the opportunity to use original photography within their practical production.


The main coursework element is the production of a complete new promotional media package. This includes the production of a print advertising campaign and a three minute introduction to their own Children’s TV Show. Students will work independently and in groups to produce projects over a significant amount of time. A vast folder of work is submitted at the end of Y11 in the form of a “Portfolio”.

Students will be taught various aspects of Media Production throughout the course, such as filming, editing, lighting, sound and music production. The four key concepts of Media will be studied in depth: representation, institution, audience and TV production.


EXAM: 1 hour 45 minutes


  • There is one exam at the end of the course.
  • Section A will be a question on an unseen extract of the Action Adventure genre, discussing the genre and the techniques that have been used.
  • Section B will focus on Television Comedy, both historic and modern and the changes that have had to be made for the genre to survive in the changing world of television.
  • The exam counts for 40% of the course.



If you would like further details about this course please see Miss Pointon or email: n.pointon@endon.staffs.sch.uk

There will be strict entry requirements for this course. Students will have to prove that they can work well as part of a group and can be trusted to use the media equipment before they are accepted. 


Theatre Management Journalist Film Producer       
Actor Broadcaster TV Career
Advertiser Editor Director