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Endon High

A vision for our school

Educational Innovation. Truly great teaching. At Endon High School we believe our motto speaks to everyone and our aim to create a culture in which both learners and educators thrive. Empowered to grow as leaders of learning, our inspirational forward thinking staff create lesson and learning experiences that are innovative, challenging, varied and inspire a love of learning. Our teaching is enriched within innovative, evolving and risk taking environments where research is embraced, experts engaged and connections are extended beyond the school. This is why young people love to learn here.


Empowering Individuals. Never afraid to be brilliant. Our aim is that Endon High School inspires everyone to strive for excellence within and beyond the classroom. We believe in our shared values to grow resilient, independent, confident and compassionate young people who believe they are capable of anything. Respecting diversity and recognising the importance of interdependence, we challenge each and every young person to develop their unique passions and talents, whilst valuing those of others. We give our young people room to ask questions, express themselves, take risks and to fail. It’s how they keep learning and growing, long after they leave.


Experience & Opportunity. A rich curriculum. Our aim is to deliver a rich curriculum that educates and empowers the ‘whole person’ so they can unleash their potential within and way beyond the classroom. We passionately believe in building upon the core curriculum, promoting the Baccalaureate without stifling opportunities for our young people to explore STEM, sport and the Arts. Endzone and enrichment provide opportunities that reach far beyond the school day and the school grounds. We believe that by giving every young person the opportunity to know more and do more, they have the ability to be more.


Responsibility & Leadership. A positive contribution. Our aim is to create a better tomorrow today by growing confident young leaders, preparing young people to step forward, adapt to change and positively impact their future and that of others. Encouraging them to act now, we empower young people to make a real difference. Learning to lead, to serve and inspire the community, our young people become strong global citizens and courageous, socially responsible leaders. We always have, and always will, champion responsibility and give our young people opportunity to lead the way.


High Aspirations. Insist on excellence. Our aim is to take every opportunity to celebrate everyone's successes at any level of school life. We aspire to equip everyone with the knowledge, skills and qualities needed to achieve success at the highest level. We empower every learner to go beyond their best so that they may all follow a quality pathway after Endon High School. We have the highest expectations of students and ourselves, where every student, no matter his or her starting point, is expected to work as hard as he or she can and behave as well as he or she can, without exception.


A Family Community. A sense of belonging & support. Our aim is that pupils feel this is their school: they belong, they wear their uniform with pride and know the school gives them the opportunity to thrive. Here every child has a champion. To have the unqualified support of our parents, where parents have the highest aspirations for their children, where they work with us, not against us, in educating their children. Excellent transition links and high quality relationships with all primary schools and tertiary providers. A valued member, in the heart of the Endon, Stanley & Brown Edge community. Our place in our Trust, looking outwards. We cherish everyone's wellbeing, where every single one of us is wholly committed to our work, but has time to enjoy life beyond Endon High School, with family and friends, so that the school/home balance is in true harmony and we embody a celebratory, sustainable approach to life.


Learning Environment. Resources, site and H&S. Our aim is that everyone has the best possible resources needed to excel. The school provides safe spaces that allow everyone to thrive socially and emotionally. Purposeful accommodation is provided that allows everyone to work and be brilliant, which enables pupils to thrive academically, including physically. Technology allows everyone to be efficient, effective and innovate. Catering services provide high quality food, service and value for money whilst being healthy. The school is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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