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Endon High

Coronavirus Response

Update 24.03.20 @17.30

Sign in issues resolved. Please email Firefly@endon.staffs.sch.uk if you have any individual issues.

Thank you for you patience!


Update 24.03.20 @15.50

We are currently experiencing log in problems. We have informed Firefly and wait for a response.

Update 24.03.20 @13.00

Dear Pupils, Parents and Carers,

Firefly is back up and running. Click here to read an explanation from Firefly.

Please register today at Firefly > Resources > closure > registers

Pupils, please don't worry about the work missed that has been set today. Do it when you can. You may also be missing work because teachers didn't have the opportunity to set anything while Firefly was not working.

Hopefully, it will now work reliably. If it doesn't we'll keep this page on the school website to post updates.

From tomorrow, please follow the three step plan:

  1. Register, 
  2. Complete tasks, 
  3. Mark work as done.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please contact school if you have any Safeguarding issues. 01782 502240 or office@endon.staffs.sch.uk

Take care,

Andrew Skelding, Headteacher