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Awesome English, Keele University 27.1.2020

This Keele University trip was thrilling, exciting and very fun, there we did lots of different workshops such as erasure poems, solving a crime, character building and story-telling. My favourite part of the whole entire day was either the erasure poems or the figuring out who did the crime. The reason for this is that they were both quite active and creative which is the type of person I am, I love to do things that involve moving around and artsy things.

This day at Keele University was very worth the while as it was very enjoyable, I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to go on this trip. On this day out I learnt that poems are more than just thinking of a topic and writing down words and getting stuck on where to start on the piece of writing, but instead you have the piece of writing right there in front of you, you just have to pick out words/ phrases that speak to you the most. I also learnt that reading is all around us not just in the book or newspaper you pick up and read.

Personally, I would love to go back and do it all again and learn more as the trip certainly dragged me more into the meaning of English. On the day at Keele University I figured out that people think that English is just you sit down write a story, no help, no prompts, no anything at all. Whereas at Keele this proved those people wrong as we haven’t even dived into the proper meaning of English yet at all. I am very, very pleased that I was invited on this once in a lifetime trip I cannot thank the team at Keele University enough.

L Hackney, Year 9


Whilst at Keele Hall we partook in four activities in which four different people would talk to us and give us a little activity to do. These four activities were creative writing (world building), creative writing (Characters), Reading (in which we did a crime scene task) and some poetry. Personally, these activities were interesting and extremely fun. It made the day fly by and it was definitely worth going. The people there were very welcoming and I wish that I could of stayed for longer. 

C Johnson, Year 9