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Endon High

Geography Week Winning Entries 2020

Well done to the following pupils and their entries into the Geography Week Competition.

Pupils were asked to submit a photo of their favourite place. Write a short caption (maximum 20 words) explaining how this links to Human, Environmental or Physical Geography

Year 7 winner - E Cooper

Porthcothan. This stunning natural beach , backed by sand dunes is full of hidden treasures such as caves , rock pools and natural plunge pools that appear when the tide goes out. It is my favourite place to bodyboard, as the ocean is clean , and full of life and the waves are amazing.

Year 9 winner - L Rowley

This is Lake Garda Italy at sunset. The mountains show the physical geography of the location whereas the fishing boat shows the human geography as it implies that fishing could be a popular job in the area.

Year 11 winner - E Jackson

La Cité is a medieval castle located in Carcassonne and has been regenerated with shops and restaurants to attract tourists.


Special Mentions to

W Sheldon, S Jones, J Gratton, C Simpson, C Emery, D Halstead, M Clowes, A Mollart

Thank you for your entries!

Form Competition Winners

Year 7

7 Spode- 99 countries

Year 8

8 Bridgewater- 17 countries

Year 9

9 Bridgewater- 69 countries

Year 10

10 Minton- 124 countries!!


Special mention to:

7 Bridgewater

7 Minton

9 Spode

10 Wedgewood

Thank you for your entries!