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Endon High

Staff Contact Info

Email Address List


Mr A. Skelding     headteacher@endon.shaw-education.org.uk

Headteacher's Secretary

Mrs J. Sawyer     secretary@endon.shaw-education.org.uk

Deputy Headteacher(s)

Mr M. Keates  m.keates@endon.shaw-education.org.uk

Mrs TA.Rowley ta.rowley@endon.shaw-education.org.uk

Assistant Headteacher(s)

Miss T. Hill     t.hill@endon.shaw-education.org.uk

Mr R. Cartlidge     r.cartlidge@endon.shaw-education.org.uk

Progress Manager(s)

Year 11 Mr Eastwood     c.eastwood@endon.shaw-education.org.uk

 Year 10 Mrs Eastwood     r.eastwood@endon.shaw-education.org.uk

 Year 9 Miss Forester     k.forester@endon.shaw-education.org.uk

 Year 8 Mr Tagell    d.tagell@endon.shaw-education.org.uk

Year 7 Mr Jones    k.jones@endon.shaw-education.org.uk


Mr A Jenkins a.jenkins@endon.shaw-education.org.uk


Chairman: Mr M Drew

School Governors do not have a dedicated Endon High email address. If you would like to contact the Governors via the School, please contact the Clerk to Governors.


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