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Year 6 Summer School


Endon High School Year 6 Summer School 2021 


The Year 6 Summer School was a massive hit with over 100 pupils attending at the start of the Summer holidays. The Summer School aimed to help build more of a transition to secondary school, due to Y6 pupils missing out on a lot of the “normal” transition based activities. The plan was to embed as many school routines as possible into the days, so pupils knew what to expect when they came in September. We wanted to give a range of opportunities each day linked to as many different subjects as possible, so all pupils had the chance to succeed. But one of the biggest aims was to build a sense of belonging by facilitating friendship forming and to help alleviate any fears they had about joining us in September, so it wasn’t as scary come September. 



Our activities all had literacy and numeracy skills embedded throughout. We also bought Maths, English and Science workbooks that were given to pupils as part of their summer school pack (don’t worry, we also bought some treats along the way!!). The sessions included: 

A Scavenger Hunt – this was added as an activity so pupils were able to feel more confident in moving around the building and using the school map. They collected letters from each location which then spelt a word that told them where their treasure was buried! All groups completed this and successfully found their way around the school building 

A History Escape Room – pupils had to work together as a team to crack codes and escape the History Classroom. The clues bridged the gap from things they learnt in primary school to things they will be learning about soon. They were great detectives and cracked lots of the clues! 

STEM Boat Challenge – pupils had to use their design skills to build a boat that would hold the most masses in. They had to work with the resources they were given and consider how best to work together to reach their goal of building a boat. There were some fantastic looking boats created and some that you wouldn’t really want to be left with if you needed to survive a shipwreck! 

Baking – pupils had to follow a method precisely and calculate how to change a recipe for different numbers of servings. They all successfully made chocolate shortbread which I have been assured didn’t last very long and was very yummy 

Cartoon Drawing – we had an external company come in and teach them how to make their own cartoon characters and even those who would have classified themselves as “not arty” had a great time and produced some great looking characters 

Sports Activities – an external company came in to deliver sports activities each day from team based sports and assault courses, to things like scoot skills and sports pupils would have never tried before like lacrosse! 

Time Capsule – pupils completed an acrostic poem about the last year and the 3 winning entries were submitted to a national competition and will be put into a virtual time capsule to be opened in the future. It got pupils thinking about the last year and being creative in the language they used to describe it. 


Food for each day was provided for pupils by an amazing catering company called Thyme2Dine who provided hot meals each day. We all sat outside in the sunshine enjoying the food and the sunshine. 


Pupils came wearing their house colour so they could start to build the sense of belonging to their respective houses. One of the other ways we helped do that, was by building in a whole day of activities which were competition based and gave them points for each task set. At the end of the day they were all added up and the winners crowned!! Our house trophy is now adorned in green for the year representing Minton’s vital win.  


We ended the Summer School with a celebration of everything we had achieved and each pupil got a certificate and a badge to commemorate their time. Pupils came away having made new friendships in their forms, learned new skills and had a great time. The legacy of our Summer School can still be seen around the school today!  










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